Digital Marketing : The Golden Key

Do u have a website?🤨 Oh you do that’s great👌🏻. But do the public out there know that you have a website? Does the world know that you work on a billion dollar idea? When people search for the relevant matter your company is leading in, you there are lying between the xth page ofContinue reading “Digital Marketing : The Golden Key”

Why is UX important ?

Have you ever visited a website while surfing and just ran away in even less than a minute? That is because the user interface was so bad that it didn’t allow you to stay engaged with the website.  Or was it a website with bad User Experience (UX) ? Let me explain! User Experience isContinue reading “Why is UX important ?”

Make sure you do your bit of what we call it as appreciation!

In today’s world if there is anyone who would listen to your every emotion and talk is a ROBOT. Dream girl…a very good movie where in they convey a message that there should be someone in everyone’s life who you can trust and share everything to. True ,very true! But as the proverb goes, everyContinue reading “Make sure you do your bit of what we call it as appreciation!”

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