Digital Marketing : The Golden Key

Do u have a website?🤨 Oh you do that’s great👌🏻. But do the public out there know that you have a website? Does the world know that you work on a billion dollar idea? When people search for the relevant matter your company is leading in, you there are lying between the xth page of some search engine where rarely any user can find you.

To get your identity globally you need to showcase your presence digitally. Digital marketing is the marketing of products or services using digital technologies on the Internet, through mobile phone apps, display advertising, and any other digital mediums. Digital marketing channels are systems based on the Internet that can create, accelerate, and transmit product value from producer to a consumer terminal, through digital networks.

In today’s digital world, Digital Marketing serves as a golden key for a growing business as the competition has reached the next level. Let’s take an example of Amazon. People are so active on Amazon that this business has shut down many local shops providing goods belonging to a variety of categories. You get everything on Amazon and it’s very difficult to compete such a huge successful play. But if you observe there is a colossal contribution of digital marketing here.

Digital Marketing can be done using Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Blogs, Online Reputation Management etc. This allows smaller businesses the ability to hold a top ranking position in the market. With a smaller budget and minimal resources you can effectively manage your customer base as you want them to be. You just require correct utilisation of the Digital Marketing skills and understanding of appropriate time as to when what shall be done.

There are many advantages of Digital Marketing:

  • Reach out maximum amount of people within a very short period of time.
  • You are able to target that specific audience location wise and field wise 
  • Being a versatile tool you can keep on optimising the performance 
  • The stats and analytics makes it more pro active and dynamic
  • Stretch out directly to the crowd which helps in communicating, understanding and interacting directly
  • Its cost effective
  • It helps your customer base to rate your services or products on their experience
  • You can get the real time data which help you improve your analytics
  • There is always a room for improvement

How to and where to start?

It’s never too late to do something good. Start off by planning your goals and defining the exact target market you want to focus on. Understanding the consumer base is very important. Techniques like persona making and plotting scenarios can help you get closer to the needs and likes of your users. Add unique keywords that describe your business the best than rest. Boost your SEO and keep updating your social pages like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. People will gradually start getting active on your page and thus will help rise your rank in different search engines. Remarketing is a tool that you should be using throughout your digital marketing campaign. It allows you to capture sales that you might have otherwise lost. If someone browses your products but does not make a purchase you can target them with social media ads, Google Ads or emails. Use different free platforms like Google Analytics and Google Console to understand the exact graph. Develop a blogging strategy wherein you can talk about your company, answer questions of your potential customers, etc. Blogging can cover up huge content and now a days Google ranks you high for a super unique content, so why not make use of it.

If you compare other advertising on TV, radio or direct mail, digital marketing costs considerably less and reaches a much wider audience at the same time. Using digital marketing to promote your small business will help you to have a much better chance and will help you grow more successful day by day. So why wait, just grab this tool and make the utmost use of it! Good Luck!

Why is UX important ?

Have you ever visited a website while surfing and just ran away in even less than a minute? That is because the user interface was so bad that it didn’t allow you to stay engaged with the website. 

Or was it a website with bad User Experience (UX) ?

Let me explain! User Experience is a term that is the most important if you are entering a world full of competition. But wait do you know what User Experience exactly stands for? Lets see what experts define it as According to Wikipedia, “User Experience (UX) refers to a person’s emotions and attitudes about using a particular product, system or service. User experience includes the practical, experiential, affective, meaningful and valuable aspects of human-computer interaction and product ownership.”

Hope our experts defined it well. May it be any field IT, designing, Finance, IoT, Law or any other for that matter, UX does play a major role! 

UX Statistics of 2019 | Source: YUJ Designs

There is a tremendous rise in overall growth of the companies who have adopted the UX strategies and worked on easing the experience of their user. The user is always a royalty when it comes to UX. It’s always the user who is considered as the imperative one while the design revolves around them. Humans have an 8 second attention span (exactly, that is even less than a goldfish!) and hence it is important to make the user stay on your website for him to read it all along and enjoy the journey you have drafted for him. Various methods like story telling, journey mapping etc are being used by the UX designers to increase the engagement with the user and help him gain the exact information he came looking for on the site. Triggering right data to the user is easily possible when you explain your business and target points in a process like a story. This plan of action have given many businesses a competitive advantage.

It is very important for the firm to understand what exactly the user thinks when he is searching for your website. What is he there to do on your website. If the user is there on your website to search for some travel & tour purpose and if your site is more of a Zomato kind of information its of no use. The basic motto of the user’s search is lost. And hence he gets irritated and walks away within minutes. Here is where your competitor bangs on the opportunity. Then it doesn’t matter if the site is simple and black and white. If the user is getting a clear and crisp information with his need fulfilled then trust me even minimalism works the best. In this case even if the UI (User Interface) was not that great it has the potential to bang a million dollar opportunity, Just because the UX guys did their homework well.

By now I guess you guys would have understood how essential it is. But if you guys want to know what exactly do these UX people do, here’s a gist;

Understand : The first step is to understand what are the needs and requirements of the user based on which different personas are plotted. Various use cases and scenarios are taken into consideration while understanding the exact want of the user.

Research : To understand the market and the relative competitor base is really important taking into consideration the latest UX trends. What guidelines are being used and which one suit your client the best is a point of greater interest.

Sketch : Once you understand the problem statement and have an idea about the user need its the right time to sketch out the possible solutions that pop your mind using different techniques like story building, card sorting, brain storming and many other on the same line are used to draft the basic solution.

Design : Once you are clear with the basic draft Information Architecture and wire framing is carried on. The solution undergoes multiple iterations as the process goes on. Number of low and high fidelity prototypes are made using different tools like Indesign, Sketch, Invision, etc.

Implement : To set up a suitable appropriate style guide and build up the experience using UI applications and then developing it in the right manner.

Evaluate : The last but not the least step is to examine the created platform using different methods like usability testing, accessibility tests, expert evaluation and user testing. If the process is perfect then the first release is passed on but if it isn’t then the pain points are set to work on and it goes on and on until is deliverable.

So what are you waiting for ? This is the right time for you to think and give a chance for your firm to grow well using the appropriate UX and make sure that you don’t lose potential users due to a dreadful User Experience!

Make sure you do your bit of what we call it as appreciation!

In today’s world if there is anyone who would listen to your every emotion and talk is a ROBOT.

Dream girl…a very good movie where in they convey a message that there should be someone in everyone’s life who you can trust and share everything to. True ,very true! But as the proverb goes, every coin has two sides.

In today’s world is there anyone to listen to you??? 

Every other person in this world is so engrossed in himself that he has no time to listen other’s worries, emotions or thoughts for that matter. No one is concerned about what you think unless and until it is of some use to him.  SELFISH is the exact word!

On social media people post 100s of stories a year, but people who view the stories won’t say anything about the happy one’s but will definitely react on sad or thoughtful one’s – not to think or understand the meaning behind it, but to make fun of it. Bitching, taunting, gossiping about the stuff on story, misunderstanding it or predicting something else are all those things that people would prefer doing instead of understanding and talking to the person to know what exactly the issue is. Because what they think is “it’s his problem, he would be the one to suffer, he would feel sad, he would get depressed…HOW WOULD IT EVEN MATTER TO ME ? And anyways it’s not always one person to be blamed upon, he would have made some mistake too, he will get normal soon, lets forget it!” But on the other hand after some days if that person starts feeling optimistic or good about something and tries to overcome their sorrows by opening out, there are donkeys who stand up to blame them yet again!

“Yar abhi to break up hua tha, do din ni hue aur abhi dekho ladke ke sath ghum rahi hai! Kyu bhai, break up hua hai to kya ghar me padi rahe? Vo banda uska bhai ya dost nai ho sakta?! | Last week he to naukri gaye iski, aur dekho jara party kar rahi hai abhi! Ab job chali gaye to kya bhuki mar jau?! | Parso hi to iske sasur ke death ho gaye the, dekho jara kaise gulcharre uda rahi hai doston ke saath! Are kisi colleague ke sath kuch discuss kr ri hogi! “

And even if they do all this, why the hell should it bother you? Till yesterday you didn’t even care about him while he was facing hard times and now when he is doing some good, why is it so hard for you to digest? Also all this drama is just behind his back and in front of him, you don’t even dare to open your mouth! Appreciation is just so difficult these days. People have 1000 useless things to talk about but not even one thing to appreciate for. He robbed something from a shop that day, she had a divorce past month, he just had a breakup, he was fired from the job, she broke his head, Oh,what a slut, she is fat, he is dumb, he has such a dark complexion, she is such a idiot, he is from a lower caste etc. etc. etc. But wait, pause, hold on buddy and tell me one thing,


Everyday we predict so much negative about others, but have you ever thought how do they feel. They loose their confidence, they think that the person whom they trusted the most and felt like sharing things is pinpointing 1000 mistakes and flaws as if he is void of good things. But still he strives hard and hard and comes back tomorrow with all the goodness and courage, but you still keep giving him the same negative vibe! This makes him feel so hollow that he looses faith in himself and finds no hope, gets angry on himself, finds no answer because even though he is trying hard to overcome his weak points you come up with some bad one every time!

But what if you appreciate him just once out of those 13 times? You know what, he will rise up with that little hope everyday and try doing better every other hour, improve every minute and grow every other second !!!!!!

Thank your friend for always holding your back at any point of time, your family for being your constant support system, your neighbour for the fun and care you share, your classmate for all those silly jokes and mischieves, your soulmate for accompanying you in your thicks and thins of life, every little kid for reminding you to live life freely and enjoy every moment, a young champ for teaching that you can learn something everyday no matter how old you are, an oldie for the golden experience and a stranger for pretty smile that he shares with you every time you cross that street. You are a great optimistic human being then why not spread that positivity you have within with the world out there. Get those bright colours in your life and splash them across your path. Pave a beautiful way that would lead a sparkling future.

Your one appreciation too matters a lot !

I can guarantee that no person is that bad, it’s just that appreciation factor that lacks in the PEOPLE. Actually after few days it would be hard to find people and probably at that time my article would start with “In today’s world if there is anyone who would listen to your every emotion and talk is PEOPLE” !

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